Quality assurance

PageWiser's Quality assurance raises the bar on testing productivity and speed while delivering high quality applications.

PageWiser helps companies by looking for new ways to improve quality, speed and lower costs while managing their digital transformation. This is especially relevant when they spend as much as 20 percent of the annual IT budget fixing core application problems. PageWiser thinks differently about application testing — more innovatively and in a modern way. Experience in delivering end-to-end testing services have taught us that by adopting industrialized processes and infusing intelligence into delivery, organizations can improve application stability and reduce operation costs.

Having an independent software testing partner instead of in-house testing brings many benefits, such as a much-needed impartiality to the testing processes for better quality while freeing up in-house personnel to focus on their core business activities.


Throughout development care

Quality assurance is an essential part of the development cycle. QA is essential in product planning and execution with each product’s anticipated release cycle. PageWiser uses end-to-end testers and automated tests throughout the development cycle to decrease future application problems. If you lack your own QA team or just need to validate your solution, we will help you and create a quality assurance report.


What you can expect from us

  • Continuous Integration Continuous Integration We will help you to establish an automated processes using Jenkins, where you will be able to run your unit tests, selenium, performance tests a other tasks.
  • Automatické testování Automated testing We will teach you how to write automated tests - unit tests, functional and acceptance tests. With us you will discover all the benefits of automated testing.
  • Manuální testování Manual testing When releasing a new version of your application, we can help you with testing new features and show you how to effectively report bugs.
  • User experience User experience Provide the best user experience by extending its reliability, manageability and security. Our designs are mobile-friendly. Continual testing security of the application for users safety.

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