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PageWiser’s Recruitment Service offers the perfect solution for your business.

Are you looking for staff but also need to save time and get help? Then look no further. We want to help you with the recruiting process. We offer you our expert knowledge in recruiting the professionals you need.

We take our work extremely seriously. The goal is to provide you with real experts in the field, who fully meet your requirements and needs. We aim to personally test all suitable job candidates to find and carefully select the highly skilled people you desire. Everyone wants only the best and we know it.

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Approaching the recruitment process differently

We primarily specialize in IT, marketing and management positions. Evaluation of job candidates is a big part of our recruitment process. Every candidate is evaluated by one of our team members of skilled experts in their field (senior IT developers, marketing managers etc.). That means you can be always sure we send you the right people.

  • Position specification Position specification We encourage you to provide a detailed info about the position - desired hard and soft skills, etc.
  • Sourcing Sourcing This phase is about searching for suitable candidates via internal database, social media, networking, etc.
  • Evaluation Evaluation Two step evaluation of technical skills and personal traits.
  • Send out Send out Our priority is to send out only the top candidates we consider worth hiring for ourselves.

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